Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce is to be a non-political and non-partisan advocate for the free enterprise system by promoting the growth of business, industry and community. The Chamber staff and volunteer leadership, working together, will accomplish this mission by:

  • Working with the business and industry professionals to develop an understanding of their problems and concerns.
  • Providing updates on city, county, state, and national legislative and political affairs.
  • Being proactive in the modification or prevention of controversial issues which could be detrimental to the expansion and growth of the Cherokee County community. Creating a climate of appreciation for the value of investing substance and self on behalf of the interest of competitive business.
  • Promoting economic programs designed to strengthen and expand the income potential of all businesses and industries within the trade area of Cherokee County.
  • Encouraging civic, social, and cultural programs which are designed to increase the quality of life and aesthetic values of the county.
  • Developing programs to prevent or lessen the effect of adverse conditions on the growth and expansion of the business climate in the county.