Important Local Phone Numbers

The Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce wants to make all the information you need available at your fingertips. Sometimes it is difficult to locate a number to some of the most commonly-used services.

Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce  (864-489-5721)

Here is a list of some other local numbers that may provide to be helpful.


Phone Number

Web Site

Law Enforcement

South Carolina Highway Patrol 803-896-7920 Web
 – Emergency Only 800-768-1501
Cherokee County Sheriff 864-489-4722 Web
Gaffney Police Department 864-489-8115 Web
Blacksburg Police Department 864-839-2331 Web
South Carolina Sex Offenders Web
Crime Stoppers 1-888-CRIME-SC

Fire Departments

 – Gaffney Web
Station #10 Limestone St, 29340 864-487-8516
Station #14 Overbrook Dr, 29341 864-487-8518
Station #15 Cherokee Ave, 29341 864-902-1124
 – Blacksburg
Volunteer Fire Department 864-839-1608 Web


Gaffney Post Office 800-275-8777
Blacksburg Post Office 864-839-6381
Cherokee Mental Health Clinic 864-487-2710
Cherokee County Public Health Department 864-487-2705
Division of Motor Vehicles 864-488-1386
Cherokee County Animal Control 864-487-8529
Cherokee County Department of Social Services 864-487-2704 Web
Cherokee County Recycling Center 864-487-2760
Cherokee County Landfill 864-487-2537
Cherokee County Administration  864-487-2560 Web