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History of the Chamber

The Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce has over 70 years of history serving the needs of its members and helping businesses succeed. Through the decades, the Chamber has assisted in building vital relationships that matter. The Chamber’s focus on free enterprise, economic development, tourism, and support of local charities has been their legacy.

Residents of Cherokee County knew the importance of supporting and strengthening businesses and the economy, so, in 1925, the first discussions of opening a Chamber of Commerce began and the Gaffney Chamber of Commerce was finally established January 30, 1947.  Because of that continued determination and commitment to improve the quality of life for all in the entire county, encompassing Blacksburg, the Gaffney Chamber adopted the name Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce October 21, 1977.

The passion that was exhibited over 90 years ago continues today. We remain passionate about the free enterprise, education, healthcare, tourism, economic development, community development, and workforce development. We fight for local business and what they believe to be important to them.

:January 30, 1947 as the Gaffney Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Directors were: J.B. Hatcher, President – T.C. Drew, Vice President – J. Nathan Lipscomb, Treasurer. Other Board Members were William E. Bell, T.Y. Brown, R.W. Carr, J.H. Cathcart, Roy C. Cobb, T.C. Drew, A. J. Eastwood, J.C. Fort, J.B. Hatcher, J.N. Lipscomb, C.B. Poole and G.G. Watts, all of Cherokee County, S.C.

Hall of Fame

Year Name
1982 Michael Gaffney
1982 Dr. Thomas Curtis
1982 Jacob Augustus Deal
1982 Edward Hope DeCamp
1982 Robert S. Campbell, Jr.
1983 Frederick Hambright
1983 Adolphus Nott Wood
1983 Dr. Wylie Cicero Hamrick
1983 E. Raymond Parker
1984 Major John Franklin Jones
1984 James Alexander Carroll
1984 Oliver David Hamrick
1984 Jack E. Millwood
1985 Edgar Clifton McArthur
1985 Dr. John Gailliard Black
1985 Dr. Lee T. Nesbitt
1986 Dr. James Niles Nesbitt
1986 Bobby Gilmer Moss, PhD
1987 Vincent Caggiano, Sr.
1987 Dr. Jake Nathan Lipscomb
1988 Frank Wilbur Sossamon, Jr.
1988 Edna Earle Kirby
1989 L. Baker
1989 Guy P. Meredith, Sr.
1992 John M. Hamrick
1993 Dr. T. A. Campbill, Sr.
1993 Louis C. Sossamon
1994 William Gladden Huntt Smoke, Jr.
1995 Horace M. Brown
1995 G.W. “Dub” Blanton
1996 Charles A. Perkins
1997 Waite C. Hamrick, Jr.
1997 James R. Sanders, Jr.
1998 Albert Lee Midyette
1998 J. Grady Randolph
1999 Evelyn Howe
1999 C.E. Saint-Amand
1999 Oscar M. Fuller
2000 Olin R. Phillips
2001 John B. Travers
2002 Gloria G. Rosemond
2003 Bright G. Parker
2003 Dr. James W. Sanders, Sr.
2004 Dr. G. Preston Edwards
2004 H. Smith Peeler, Sr.
2005 Robert E. Prevatte
2005 Roy P. Turner
2006 Don L. Wilkins
2006 Gene Brown
2007 Heyward W. Porter
2008 Rev. Fleming J. Means
2008 Hoke Parris
2009 L.T. Hartzog, Jr.
2009 Ronald D. Owenby
2009 James Batchler
2010 Dr Walt Griffin
2011 Jodean Lemmons
2012 Jodean O. Lemmons Sr.
2013 Jay Hammett
2014 James M Cudd
2015 John Milko
2016 Ronnie M Brown
2017 John Q Little
2018 Bill Mason
2019 Harold Dean Pennington Sr.
2019 Jim Compton

Chamber Presidents

Year Name
1947 John B. Hatcher
1948 John B. Hatcher
1949 Claude B. Poole
1950 Dewey E. Hudson
1951 Paul E. Morgan, Jr.
1952 Onnie M. Mullinax
1953 Tom L. Brown
1954 Raymond B. Lark
1955 Allen W. Askins
1956 Dr. G. Preston Edwards
1957 Zeb V. Whelchel
1958 John C. Bernhard
1959 Waite C. Hamrick, Jr.
1960 Waite C. Hamrick, Jr.
1961 Alan R. Willis
1962 Onnie M. Mullinax
1963 Everett V. Hinton
1964 Hal J. Shinn
1965 Robert C. Carroll
1966 Walton E. Lipscomb
1967 William T. Hatcher
1968 Albert L. Midyette
1969 Dr. J.N. Lipscomb
1970 Ted P. Stokely
1971 Jack E. Millwood
1972 J. Kenneth Hill
1973 Raymond Parker
1974 B.B. Bryson, Jr.
1975 David B. Cannon
1976 A. Jack Blanton
1977 Dr. W. Ronald Barrett
1978 Jack Walker
1979 John R. Heggestad
1980 Ben L. Clary
1981 James M. Cudd
1982 Steve Moss
1983 Gary E. Clary
1984 Robert L. Peeler
1985 John B. Travers
1986 Dr. W. Ronald Barrett
1987 John A. Leazer
1988 H.F. “Dick” Crater
1989 Richard Baines
1990 Mike Lopez
1991 Patrick J. Emrich
1992 Rick Patterson
1993 Allen Fowler
1994 Steve Moss
1995 Scott Allen
1996 Sam Burns
1997 Randy Horton
1998 W.B. Cook
1999 Dave Callahan
2000 Klonie Jordan
2001 Charles J. Bonner
2002 Tracy McDaniel
2003 Joe Howell
2004 Mark Propst
2005 David Wall
2006 Jan Moss
2007 Gayle White
2008 Henry L. Jolly, Jr.
2009 Jack Trnavsky
2010 Brooks Moss
2011 Deborah Mauney
2012 Ed Elliott
2013 Lana Gardner
2014 Tommy Baheler
2015 Jan Moss
2016 Kimber Gibson
2017 Josh Crotzer
2018 Daryl Smith
2019 Abbie Sossamon